An Evening with Bill Tara


Friday evening, February 3rd 

 New York City



We live in a time of rapid change. These changes can pull us away from our own center of being and into a flood of conflicting information on how to live our lives, define our values and even view our health and personal wellbeing. This evening is an opportunity to explore some of the ideas that can lead to a more fulfilling and healthy life in a culture that often seems aimed at destruction.

Bill will also give an overview of his highly acclaimed book Natural Body Natural Mind.

Fee:  $20 - paid at the door

When: Friday evening lecture and book signing,  7:30pm - 9pm

Where: Theosophical Society,  240 East 53rd Street, between 2&3rd ave. Subway: 6, E, M at 51 or 53rd / Lex

About Bill Tara

Bill Tara's ideas and ideals have been formed by a rich life experience of work, travel, teaching, study and health counseling. For over forty years he has been at the forefront of macrobiotic education, developing businesses, educational projects, and teaching in over 20 countries. He has consistently focused his work on adapting the macrobiotic philosophy to the needs of modern life and culture. His approach is dynamic, simple and comprehensive, untroubled by esoteric jargon and rich with humor. Bill's teaching addresses the huge gap in our social understanding of how to create health in the individual and in society as a whole. His newest book, "Natural Body, Natural Mind" is now available at or


Weekend workshop with Bill Tara

February  4-5th

Macrobiotics and Human Ecology

The  issue of health is one that spans every frontier of human life. It permeates our biology, our intellect and our spirit; it animates both emotion and action. This two-day exploration of the dimensions of health is an experience where expert healers, practitioners and beginners can all enjoy and discover value. You can discover how creating personal health may be the most important action in saving the environment and creating a world that works for everyone.

Our goal will be to sink beneath the surface of daily life and to tap into the deeper movement of energy that is the source of freedom.

We are living in an age of great dangers and great potential; there is a need for new thinking and new living. When the artificial distinctions between disease, economic collapse, social injustice and environmental degeneration are striped away we can see that all our problems have a common cause.  We live in a culture where the life of the individual and life in general is seen to have no value except to maintain the status quo.  The only solution is to live as if life matters ‚Äì to challenge mediocrity and complacent living.

Over two days participants will explore the following topics through discussion, personal reflection and group process.  The goal of the seminar is to deepen self-knowledge and introduce a practical program of increased health, vitality and awareness into daily life.

The seminar includes topics on:

  • Ancient Echo's - Bringing Primitive wisdom into modern times
  • Self Generated Healing - Internal Ecology
  • The Relationship between Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Health
  • Macrobiotic practice for Modern Times
  • Creating a Human Ecology

When: Saturday and Sunday, 9:30am - 5pm

Where: Theosophical Society,  240 East 53rd Street, between 2&3rd ave. Subway: 6, E, M at 51 or 53rd / Lex

Fee: $350, check or cash at the door

Bookings: phone 646-812-0091, email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Reviews of Natural Body / Natural Mind


I just finished NATURAL BODY / NATURAL MIND, which hits every "note" in the song the world needs to hear now concerning all that is happening around us.

Lynn Salt, Filmmaker

With clarity and compassion, Bill shows us the key steps to dietary and lifestyle changes that can change our lives for the better. This book points to a way to manifest macrobiotics in our lives that can impact others, the world and ourselves at the same time. I highly recommend this book.

Michael Rossoff, Macrobiotic Teacher and Acupuncturist

I've read 'Natural Body, Natural Mind' three times now and it has become my 'go to' book whenever I need to figure out how to articulate a theory or idea in a lecture or a class... or sort something out for myself.

I love this book so much.

Christina Pirello, Emmy winning TV personality and Health Advocate

The author has been in the natural health movement for decades and has a welcome long view on the changes that are accelerating around us and impacting not just our individual health but also the health of our planet and future generations.

Randy Rolfe, Family Therapist

If you are interested in your own health and/or the health of the planet, don't miss this book! Mind-opening, enthusiastic thinking.

Felix Nuneo, Medical Professional


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