Health Coach Training

Health Advocate and Leadership Training Intensive with Bill Tara

               Scotland - September 4th - 9th, 2012

health advocate intensive workshop

This seminar will focus on the details of counseling and communication skills so essential for effective consultation, coaching and teaching. The course is open to those who have completed the Health Coach Training or any course in natural health care who is serious about continuing in professional practice.

Over the four days residential you will have the opportunity to develop coaching and counselling skills as well as developing a deeper understanding of the role of emotion in the healing process, the use of creative visualization and how to run support groups that really empower people in the healing process.

Bill will share his experience in:

  • Health Coaching, Consulting and the Shamanic Tradition
  • Finding your personal Action Platform
  • Developing Coaching and Leadership Skills
  • Communication skills in counselling
  • Using Visualization in healing
  • Establishing Healing Circles and Support Groups


"No one should miss the opportunity to experience study with Bill. "Christina Pirello, Cookbook author and Emmy Award winning host of National Public Television show "Christina Cooks", Philadelphia, USA

"Bill's teaching is insightful, authentic and truly guided by common sense and simplicity, even when he explores the most complex issues of holistic studies". - Mario Binetti, Former Director of Kientalerhof, Kiental, Switzerland

"Bill keeps you directly focused on the subject at hand, informing and challenging you with humour and care. His deep insight is firmly based on years of practical experience". - Frans Saat and Marja Verroen, Oost West Centrum, Rotterdam, Holland.

"Bill has a wealth of knowledge in many aspects of life and together with his engaging teaching style, always leaves people inspired." - Jan and Mieke Vervecken, International Shiatsu School, Belgium.

BillTara1Penninghame House is a beautiful estate that sits on the banks of the River Cree, nestled in the hills of Galloway. All programs include accommodation, course materials and three delicious vegan/macrobiotic meals a day. Arrangements can be made if you want to come early or stay for a few days after the course to explore the forestlands and seacoast of the surrounding areas.

PRICE - £ 745

For more information please contact Bill Tara at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.