Heal Yourself and Others with the Longevity Diet

Extending far beyond the realm of fad diets, our Longevity Diet draws from a time-tested culinary heritage that promotes lifelong health and happiness through moderation, balance and simplicity. It is a healing, rejuvenating diet, grounded in simple, whole, nutrient-rich foods. It is a deeply nourishing diet, combining wise traditions of our ancestors with Eastern and Western healing methods. Although rooted in ancient practice, the Longevity Diet is supported by modern scientific research.

Essential to the Longevity Diet is the wisdom of Food Energetics - the harnessing of foods inherent energy for deep, healing nourishment. Basic, but powerful, components of the diet include:

  • Whole Organic Foods
  • Cleansing Sea Vegetables
  • Healing Herbs
  • Immune-Enhancing Probiotics
  • Home Remedies and Healing Tonics
  • Wellness Techniques for Body, Mind and Spirit

When you enroll in our Holistic Health Counselor Practitioner Program you will learn how to integrate the Longevity Diet into your life, and how to use it to enrich the lives of others. Read more about our unique curriculum.

Typical Benefits of the Longevity Diet Include:

  • More Energy
  • Improved Mood
  • Improved Digestion
  • Better Sleep
  • Better Sex
  • Youthful Vitality
  • Weight Loss
  • Beautiful Skin
  • Enhanced Clarity of Mind and Spirit
  • Restoration of Hair Growth and Color
  • Restoration of Bone and Muscle Mass
  • Blood Pressure and Cholesterol Reduction
  • Stabilization of Blood Sugar Levels & Improved Recovery from Illness
  • Protection against Illness

Why Learn the Longevity Diet?

cooking class

  • Synergy! What we put into our bodies has a direct impact on the quality and longevityof our lives. When we change our diet, we change everything. Therein lies the essence of HealingNutrition.
  • Food is a powerful vehicle for transformation. Our food choicesaffect our ability to maintain a healthy body weight, prevent and recover from illness and regulate our moods. A balanced diet promotes balance in mind, body and spirit.
  • Body/mind therapies are always most effective when diet and lifestyle changes are made.
  • Food Energetics recognizes that a great deal of our nourishment comes from the inherent Energy, or Chi, of Food. With this knowledge, we can make informed choices about the foods we select. When we eat food that is filled with Chi-Energy - fresh, brightly colored, organically grown food, appropriate for our energetic state - we achieve real nourishment. By opening our awareness to the gifts of the unified, intelligent consciousness, we open ourselves to true healing.
  • Liberate yourself and others from dependence on over-the-counter drugs. Learn how to use foods and natural healing techniques instead of antacids, aspirin, antibiotics, laxatives, and more. Discover low cost ways to deal with headaches, fevers, colds, digestive distress and many other conditions.
  • Create an optimum level of health and mental clarity so you can direct your energy towards the realization of our dreams.
  • Enhance your intuitive response towards eating and decision making.
  • The Academy of Healing Nutrition offers students the potential to revitalize the aspects of modern society afflicted by psychological, physical, and spiritual degeneration. You will be empowered with this knowledge to take leadership positions in your community for the protection and enhancement of our environment.
  • Be part of the growing trend towards Natural Traditional Medicine.