Student Testimonials

This course is priceless!

- Brian Mocke, NYC Class 2013, Private Chef

This class has been beyond comprehensive. The wealth of knowledge the instructors bring, along with the informed students enrolled in the program, have made for an enriching and inspiring experience. Tasting the Longevity Diet recipes during cooking weekends has been the most valuable for me: it has helped to demystify TCM and nutrition theory and make it a fun and practical part of my life.

- Christine Lee, NYC Class 2011

The combination of the dynamic curriculum with the wisdom and experience of the instructors at AHN is providing me with a solid foundation and understanding of many healing concepts and practices. The hands-on and thoughtful approach to practical healing and cooking techniques will provide me with not only the knowledge, but the inspiration and confidence to move forward into my own counseling practice.

- Gretchen Gunderson, NYC Class 2011

As a health supportive private chef for the past decade, I thought I was 'in the know' in terms of the healing properties of food and overall diet. But after just two weekends in the academy of healing nutrition course, my work as a chef is been enhanced tenfold. I wish i had done this program years ago!

- Carlin Greenstein, NYC Graduate 2008

Nam Singh is a  treasure. The knowledge he imparts in Cooking with Chinese herbs was absolutely of great importance for my own health and healing and I will now be able to pass this practical experience on to my patients. The lessons I have learned from Nam will ripple outward affecting my life, my family's life, and my patients' lives. What a great gift Nam Singh has given me. I am grateful.

- Amy Olson , MN

The lessons and experiences that I obtained throughout the course of my attendance at The Academy of Healing Nutrition have directed my life toward a positive and productive lifestyle. Through the diverse classes that presented new and exciting topics, I learned multiple ways to better the standard of living for those who desire to improve their health and happiness. The curriculum was fun and challenging, with plenty of great life changing techniques to better everyday life. True health is a combination of a wide spectrum of practices and beliefs, upon completion of my studies at The Academy of Healing Nutrition I feel I am fully equipped to guide myself and others onto a path of wellbeing and happiness.  The course and the faculty were all very motivating, making homework and self study an enjoyable evening activity.

The Academy provided not only the practical knowledge necessary on how to strengthen and cure disease through the use of foods and other modalities, but also a wide range of clinical know-how to recognize and diagnose many of the ailments that riddle today's lifestyles. Combining some of the longest lived practices in history, The Academy of Healing Nutrition is a great school for anyone who wants to truly understand where the field of healthcare is going, and how to prepare for that change.

I was amazed at the amount of detailed wisdom that was presented in the course materials and classes. I will surely be studying from the materials provided for many years to come. My choice to study at The Academy of Healing Nutrition was surely one of the best decisions I have made in my life so far, and I plan to make the best of it! Thank you so much for everything!

- David Cadwallader, CA Graduate

I will treasure forever what I learned from my training at the Academy of Healing Nutrition. The knowledge and skills I have gained have helped me both personally and professionally. By using the healing holistic techniques, foods, herbs, and remedies I learned about at AHN, I have succeeded in boosting my own immune system, which had suffered tremendously from two auto-immune diseases and heart valve replacement. I am thrilled to be able to share my knowledge with family and clients, all of whom are grateful for the simple, natural methods which have enabled them to improve their health and nourish their lives and souls. I am thankfull to have the skills I need to build the career I've dreamed of.

- Marian Buck-Murray, NYC Graduate 2005

Bill has a very easy-going approach and a soothing energy that makes him very appealing. He relates to everyone on his or her own level and effectively communicates the tremendous amount of knowledge he has acquired in the past 40 years involvement in natural health care.

- Summer, Academy Graduate, New York City

I am so grateful to have discovered The Academy of Healing Nutrition. The course expanded my breadth and depth of knowledge on how the body’s inner landscape experiences, processes and heals through the energetics of food, and how quality, cultivation and preparation can enhance those energetics. Melanie's cooking classes were so much fun and the food was always mind-blowingly delicious. I left every class feelings bright eyed and full of vitality. Roger & Marian were experts on the principals of the ancient Chinese principals, as were the rest of the teachers, who made every class fulfilling and worthwhile. The classmates that were drawn into the program kept the full days of learning even more fun. I highly recommend experiencing the Academy of Healing Nutrition and look forward to opening my own practice and healing people with my knowledge.

- Jaquie, NYC Graduate 2010

The AHN has set me off on a journey to finding health and vitality through nutrition. It has been fascinating to learn the benefits of traditionally prepared foods that have been a part of ancient cultures. It has opened my eyes to seeing more clearly how our modern way of eating has stripped us from our roots and robbed us of our health. Melanie’s cooking classes have provided a way to bring the knowledge of the course work into a hands-on culinary experience, allowing me to bring my learning straight to practice at home home for my family. I am forever grateful.

- Anne Gerber, NYC Class 2011

As someone with a lifelong interest in natural healing, I had a broad base of knowledge in what foods are healthy for us to eat and what to avoid. At the Academy of Healing Nutrition, experts in Traditional Chinese Medicine, the Longevity Diet, food energetics, Ayurveda, Chinese Herbs, and more, taught their topic in depth with clarity and humor. My understanding took quantum leaps at every weekend! I am now helping others to greater well-being with confidence and joy.

- Karan Lee, NYC Graduate 2010

My experience at the Academy of Healing Nutrition was deeply nourishing on many levels. Not only did I learn a great deal about Traditional Chinese Medicine, herbs, and food energetics, I learned how to assess my current condition of health and how to re-establish balance through the healing properties of food, herbs, and lifestyle changes. I also learned how to listen to my body and eat more intuitively based on seasonal influences and what my body needs at that time. I was educated on the differences between traditional food practices and modern food production and how to choose real, life-giving foods over highly processed, disease-producing foods. As a result, I am leaving feeling confident in my ability to be my own healer, and empowered to share this knowledge with others. I am very grateful for this experience and would recommend the Academy of Healing Nutrition to anyone.

- Kristin Hanf, NYC Graduate 2010

My journey to finding proper nutrition and better health has been a long and difficult one. Having tried everything from Atkins, South Beach and calorie counting to extreme fasting, raw veganism and fruitarianism I found that something was still missing.

For me, completing the AHN course was the final piece of the puzzle. Roger and his wonderful inspirational staff helped me to realise the immense healing power of foods and herbs. By using mother nature's medicine I was able to eliminate my long standing digestive problems and unleash the natural healing mechanism within me.

- Fiona Mackormick, NYC graduate 2010

The information I have learned at AHN is invaluable and life transforming to myself and everyone around me, as I share my recent learnings. The cooking classes with Melanie have really inspired me to get in the kitchen and start the journey into healing. I have eternal gratitude to AHN for equipping me with the most valuable education one can have.

- Jaimie Zohar, NYC Class 2011

As a first generation Chinese-American, The Academy of Healing Nutrition helped me understand my mother's traditional recipes more than she did! In addition to gaining invaluable knowledge about TCM, (Traditional Chinese Medicine), I feel empowered to utilize the various resources I was provided by the school, to further my own studies about healing nutrition.

I would recommend this class to anyone---whether you are looking for a career change or a healthier lifestyle for you and your family, the Academy of Healing Nutrition would be a great start and/or a compliment to your studies. The teachers are very knowledgeable and articulate about the curriculum, and the practical cooking classes are amazing! On some weekends we had the opportunity to enjoy wholesome and organic, breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and desserts!

- Suzanne Lam, NYC graduate 2010


Contemplating a year-long course in Healing Nutrition would have been challenging enough with both the shared responsibilities of a large family and a full time job running a demanding piano business in London. It has been a great privilige to study with teachers of such high calibre and dedication. I am so impressed with their openness to share their knowledge, experience and obvious passion for healing in its many forms. It was fascinating also to get different perspectives and opinions from both teachers and students. There is now so much extraordinary and diverse material to revisit and assimilate and so many possibilities for using this to enrich my life and others. Our group plans to meet up regularly and by staying in touch will no doubt support each other and be a source of further inspiration on this journey.

- Simon Markson, London graduate

Attending the Academy of Healing Nutrition classes helped me find something that cannot be obtained in any one program, a complete introduction to the inner ecosytem and how you can relate.The structure of the class was a great balance of hands-on and lectures. The dynamic choice of consultants help you understand that each part of the health of the body is connected inextricably with the mind. The whole certification program was truly invigorating and I know I will have the confidence to be able to pass on my knowledge of the inner healing process to others emotionally and physically.

- Jennifer Bozeman,  Montana

A brilliant course - I appreciate the enormity of the level of knowledge and expertise that has been delivered to us in the form of information provided and our teachers.

- Kim Bishop, Sydney, Australia Graduate

With your teachings from the Academy of Healing Nutrition, I have sharpened all my senses and am connecting to the oneness of the universe. I cannot thank you enough!

- Brentton Yu, CA Graduate


Roger, your style of teaching and sharing of knowledge (not to mention your experience and wisdom) are inspirational and have stirred an excitement within me. The information taught has clarified many issues surrounding certain foods for me and is so commonsense and practical that I am not afraid to integrate changes (made via small steps of course!) into my lifestyle.

My diet and food awareness has changed and I feel more energised for both having eliminated certain foods and incorporating others. My kitchen skills have improved and I am much more confident in the kitchen.

From the short amount of time I have had so far to read the workbook it appears to contain thorough, extensive information and I can't wait "to get stuck into it"! I'm also planning to source some appropriate stores in Melbourne to help me re-stock the pantry with some of the interesting and good quality foods we covered, quite a few of which are new to me.

All this after one weekend - I'm looking forward to the next session and, down the track, being able to share this knowledge with others.

Thanks again for a wonderful weekend!

- Vanessa Foley, Melbourne, Australia Student

The first class was fabulous! Your passion for the subject matter is contagious, and the presentation interesting and valuable. It is exciting to take a step inward and apply some of these principles I have learned toward personal health and nutrition. I can already feel a difference, and know that this information will continue to support the well-being of myself and my children. Thanks again for sharing this material, it is a tremendous gift to the planet.

- Wendi Hrehovcsik, San Francisco Graduate

I come from a natural foods background, but I can honestly say that I learned more about the ancient, common sense, healing properties of food in one weekend than I did in a year of culinary training. I can't wait for our next session!

NYC Graduate

Roger, thank you for last weekend. You clarified areas I've previously struggled with and inspired me to want to learn more. I'm looking forward to studying and experimenting at home with the guides provided. Again thank you.

- Helen Butler, London Academy Graduate

Melanie is terrific. On a scale from 1 to 10, she deserves 10. Melanie is a confident lecturer, easy to understand and follow. Very grounded and with a great sense of humor, she keeps your attention all the time. Her presentation was clear. There was a balance between theories and practice. The food was fabulous

Anka Bagic Sayre, San Francisco Graduate


This past weekend was superlative!! There was so much information available. Roger's instruction was not only clear and precise but enjoyable as well. I am looking forward with eager anticipation for our next class and I am already seeing the benefits that incorporating the food dynamics into my practice will have. Thank you so much for this exciting opportunity.

- Betsy Kennedy, NYC Graduate

It has been very beneficial to gain knowledge and understanding of traditional healing methods. Learning to trust my instincts and intuitions has been a real blessing. The practitioner program encompasses many interesting subjects, planting the seeds and allowing us to explore and nurture the growth at our own pace, inspiring each of us to look deeper within and at the world around us for what resonates

-Sherri Dean, Sydney Academy Student

The course so far has been a pivotal point in my journey so far and has contributed to an increased awareness and purpose. The content is amazing and coming away from each weekend is always a great feeling. As much as there is so much information, I feel it is written in a way that is easy to digest at my own pace.

- Simone Fruitier, Sydney student

I am a graduate of the Academy. Roger and Melanie and the students have become family to me and we keep in contact and share information. This school has opened so many windows to what natural whole foods are, food energetics, how to treat various ailments, holistic remedies and so much more. If you are looking to change or improve your diet, live healthier or you want to change your career and become a holistic health counselor, this school is the perfect match.

- Rashida Madden, NYC Graduate

So far the class has been more than I thought I was going to get for the money, starting with the facts and the back up research then the life style with the food and the resources to make it happen. I was amazed by how healthy and how possible this life style is. I am glad I came here first and not to some over priced university for 2 yrs or more to learn how to provide a better life for my family and for others.

- Nancy Polanco, mother of 4 beautiful children that deserve the best

If you have the time and money to fly around the world to research longevity, and the foods and healing methods that help achieve it, go. My suggestion is to save your self the time and effort and take this well researched course that did all that for you.

- Karen, CA Gradutate

Attending the Academy of Healing Nutrition classes helped me find something that cannot be obtained in any one program, a complete introduction to the inner ecosytem and how you can relate. The structure of the class was a great balance of hands on and lectures. The dynamic choice of consultants help you understand that each part of the health of the body is connected inextricably with the mind. The whole certification program was truly invigorating and I know I will have the confidence to be able to pass on my knowledge of the inner healing process to others emotionally and physcially.

- Jennifer, Bozeman, Montana

I attended the Sydney Academy Healing Nutrition and Victoria Phillips cooking classes and loved each one of them. They were not just cooking classes: I found them to be enriching participatory cooking and learning experiences not to be missed.

As well as more traditional ingredients, Victoria uses lesser known grains (such as quinoa, amaranth and millet), vegetables (eg: celeriac, fennel, a variety of sea vegetables) as well as legumes and pulses, etc, to create scrumptious nutritious temptations. Her cooking methods are appropriate for the season and the produce she uses is seasonal and mostly organic.

The classes are very hands-on with participants really participating in the cooking and eating of the meals. They also get to ask questions – not just about the particular recipes Victoria has created- and draw upon Victoria’s extensive knowledge.

Victoria herself is a vivacious, charismatic and approachable lady brimming with ideas, enthusiasm and a broad-based knowledge of nutritious and tasty food. She makes classes inclusive, explodes myths about food, and educates participants about all sorts of things from the oils to how to season and use salt correctly, and much more. Her passion and obvious enjoyment of cooking is truly infectious.

I would highly recommend her cooking classes. I really got a lot out them and know that everyone who attended felt the same way.

- Lynn Langman, Sydney, Australia Gradutate

Victoria’s classes were very practical, free flowing and nurturing. I felt like Iearnt alot and have been remembering and practising alot of the hints she mentioned in the classes, along with the recipes which are fantastic.

- Sydney student

I’ve had an absolutely fantastic time in Victoria’s classes. I Love the way we are encouraged to experiment, to participate, to taste before and after cooking, to talk about how we feel about the food we’re cooking and eating.

- Sydney student

The cream on top is the wonderful nurturing we receive from Victoria and as a group. When I leave I feel motivated, energised, smiling and full of joy!
From a business perspective Victoria has demonstrated to me how I can work effectively with my clients

- Sydney student

Cooking classes were great, alot of fun, inspiring and enjoyable”

Rogers class on health assessment I loved the content and Rogers delivery which is consistently interesting and well balanced. I learnt alot this weekend and everything is starting to come together. Yay!

- Sydney Graduate

Roger has a great way of relaying information onto the class, considering it is such a broad learning, I really feel I am starting to get a grasp on this subject, thanks to Rogers clear teaching

- Sydney Student

Halfway through the morning of the first day of Melanie's class, a thought popped into my head: "I want to marry Melanie Ferriera." Her teaching blends just the right amount of scientific fact, kitchen know-how, no-nonsense practicality, story-telling and wit to make learning with her a fun adventure. I loved the hands on aspect of the weekend.

I am tremendously impressed by her ability, and excited about implementing what I learned to nourish myself in a way that is delicious, easy, and will impact me and those around me in a positive way.

I loved the class, and can't wait until Melanie comes back. Watch out New York, California has designs on wooing Melanie away from you!

- Jennifer, CA Graduate

Dear Roger,

I wanted to write and thank you for last weekend.  You clarified areas I've previously struggled with and inspired me to want to learn more. I'm looking forward to studying and experimenting at home with the guides provided.
Again, thank you.

- Helen Butler, London Graduate

Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the first weekend of the practitioner training - not only did it meet, but it went well beyond any expectations I may have had!

Roger, your style of teaching and sharing of knowledge (not to mention your experience and wisdom) are inspirational and have stirred an excitement within me that I simply can't verbalise properly! The information taught on the weekend has clarified many issues surrounding certain foods for me and is so commonsense and practical that I am not afraid to integrate changes (made via small steps of course!) into my lifestyle. The weekend has given me an inner knowing that with changes, both in the way I think and the way I eat, better health and vitality will follow.  Thank you!

- London student

This past week-end was superlative!! There was so much information available for us.   Roger 's instruction was not only clear and precise but enjoyable as well.   The energy connection between food and our bodies is very interesting and there were quite a few "ah-ha" moments during instruction. Questions and comments were encouraged , and time was given to make sure everyone understood the material.
I am looking forward with eager anticipation for our next class and I am already seeing the benefits that   incorporating the food dynamics into my Feng Shui practice will have. Thank you so much for this exciting opportunity.

- Betsy Kennedy, NYC Graduate

I learned so much this weekend and Melanie never seemed to get tired of answering all the questions we had. I loved that she brought her own eggs and butter to show. The food was incredible! And easy to follow.

This weekend was my first class but I'm so glad I'm involved in the program. The information in the packet is very helpful and giving me a good foundation.

I'm very happy so far with the class. It's a lot of information, but has been dealt with in a clear and simple manner that's easy to understand and inspiring.

- Ashley Mills, NYC Graduate